Silently Speak

Silently Speak
Explaining it slowly
To a developing mind
As if saying the words slower
Will make the pain
Less painful
As if I contain my anger
The pain will be
Just a little more manageable
The reality of anger
Lives within me
Now I have to share
The fuel of these
Viral videos
Replaying scenarios
Over and over again
You will be asked to
Silently Speak

That feeling of injustice
That humanity you feel
That passion we scream to you
When you are on a game field
That commitment
From the classroom
And we are asking
Everything of you
Now all of a sudden
Society places limits on you
You are allowed to do
Only certain things
Expecting Protection and Service
But that’s only by some
For some
And I know all you can do is
Silently Speak

Life is hard
Yet I cannot tell you
It will ever be fair
With all the pride I have
In you taking a stand
The parent in me
Wants that better for you
That better opportunity
That better life
That better everything
Enabling an equity
Speaking life into you
Because the reality
Today is the closest day
America has ever been
To freedom for you
Every step is painful
The anticipation, the speculation
Wondering if their collective
Will allow humanity
Or constant Police Brutality
We are
All that we have left
Even when you have
Nothing left
Silently speak