Prayers for me

Prayers for me
William G Bryant
Grandfather of 7 birds, in his own words
The king led us to one vision Family for life
But when he lost his life we lost vision
What meant more to me
There was always a prayer for me

Land is all you got in this world
You have to defend it til the end
But in the end we squabbled over who would make the decisions
couldn’t managed, land abandoned, that was the end
There was always a prayer for me

Always have somewhere to lay your head
Make sure there was a woman to keep you fed
Wasn’t until I was years in, I understood the wisdom of sin
There was always a prayer for me

Strong heralding voice reaching the heavens
The whole house could hear
Praying the sacrifices of predecessors would guide me through the years
Building in me such a worldly view
There was always a prayer for me

The lesson I learned is the lesson I give
Speaking abundant life into my own kids
Describing the Picasso of their life
Enshrining in their soul that we only have one life
There was always a prayer for me

There were no more powerful words as these “I am proud of you grandson” before and after every single greeting. Each talk. Each walk. Each ride. Each day at the beach. There was nothing stronger than King Bryant, so blessed he put that strength in me.
There was always a prayer for me.

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