Praying That

Praying That
Every single memory
Will be cherished
For an entire eternity
That somehow
That love and joy
Sustains you
Forever more.

Praying that
When things go wrong
The wisdom they shared keeps you going
That special memory
That you remember
Continues, holding your dreams forever
That your sadness finds comfort
Knowing joy will come after.

Praying that
The accomplishments you’ll make
That you never underestimate
Know that they are so proud
And that they’ll always be around
Saying I’m so proud
Accept that change is inevitable
But life is perpetual.

Praying that
You will always say their name
Even when no one else can
Believe in life, like life believes in you
Allow your heart to heal
No One will ever know how you feel
May comfort stay by your side
And the strength of God’s will.