The Queen

The Queen
Out of the darkness of things
The blackest shadows
Blooms the endless pit
Escape of the fortunate
Lowest possible being
At its deepest meaning
The only solace
The Queen

Man will forsake you
The hour of ratchet awakens
Facial expression become vacant
The Silo of despairs encampment
Solo battling this entrapment
Movement evolving into complication
Vision of stimulation
The Queen

Power ensues with each desperate move
The elegance radiating vision
Fully committed birthing faith
Atomically creating life in space
Providing methodology for long waited escapes
Protecting Love powerfully in her wake
Striving higher with each step
The Queen

War games positions it as so
Kings taste not the last victory
The Queen power extreme
Dictating the field of dream
Anchoring the entire field of things
Everything predetermined by the Queen
If at last victory stays out of reach,
The first battle must be to find
The Queen