We Are Not The Same

The world will not change
Until justice is the same
That day when all criminals
They are each treated the same
When neither innocence nor guilt
Removes our humanity
Where the feeling of safety,
Is not dependent on a demographic
But for right now,
We are not the same

The world will not change
Until beings become human
And the collectivity of humanity
It actually has meaning
When economic growth
Is not the goal of every person
Where we seek to help someone
That is less fortunate
And Consistently help the unfortunate
We are not the same

The world will not change
Until every parent has the same fear
When your child leaves the house
You can always have a tear
At the sheer possibility
That they will not return
Thus mourning happens constantly
As if they are already
In an urn
We are not the same

The world will not change
This is completely intentional
The manifestation of the Magna Carter
The evolution of a declaration
We want to continually live
Yet we were never really living
As the fear of someone’s color
Created and creates more fear
Than a person with a loaded assault rifle
I’m just stuck wondering
How so many people
Are afraid of skin color
Cause if you look deeply
We are all unique
Those differences
Are intended to contribute
To our collective human race
But instead we choose to cower
In fear of a rebellion of the black race
The sheer irony is,
Have you ever heard a collective voice
Even a demand for vengeance or reciprocity
For the evil and immoral means
Meant to cast people into desperation
With so much God given ability?
As we are expected to celebrate
The same historical norms
That enslaved black people for over 20 generations
We are not the same

The world will not change
Until those flashing lights
Creates the same anxiety with everyone
Where back talking and disrespect
Are the leading causes of arrest
Where over inflated egos
Leads to guns being drawn
We forget those early days
Telling children they are here
To serve and protect
At some point in a person of color’s life
They become a threat
We are not the same

The world will not change
The world will not change
If we are unwilling
If we are unable
If we have no desire
To change the current status quo
Then I must believe
That we believe
This is the right approach
If that is the case
Apply the same case to everyone
If justice is not blind
Allow tyranny to be blind
Cast the same pain
Cast the same hurt
Cast the same judgement
On every single human being
Regardless of their demographic
Sadly, only at THAT point
When we collectively feel THAT pain
It would be considered tragic
Suddenly, things would change
But for right now,
We are not the same