Let It Be

Hard to let it be
Seeing it control you
Nothing I can do
Even doing the classics
Aligning it to a disaster
These feelings are sinister
Nothing left to pursue
So let you be you
And let me be me
Let it be?

Hard to let it be
Feeling like
Damn near grew up with you
Learning about life
Through the things you do
Watching the paramount
And every single low point
Yet and still
Seeing what I see
Let it be?

Hard to let it be
Seen this all before
The resentment
The reflection
The rejection
The simplification
The definitions
The acceptance is deafening
What else could it be?
Let it be?

Hard to let it be
Seeing people you love
Struggling with things
Completely out of your control
Yet they want you involved
In other things
While avoiding the real things
We are all meant to pretend
That everything is
What it is
The ask of me,
Let it be?

Hard to let it be
But there is nothing left
How much energy is left
Watching those in peril
Avoiding sage advice
Avoiding different thinking
Accepting a single way
As the only way
Time lost in difficulty
Let it be?

Hard to let it be
Hearing over and over
This is only one way
And this must be the way
Exhausted every way
As if ways are finitely defined
And this is just a part of time
Challenging to accept honesty
Covered in mediocrity
Let it be….