Miss You

Missing something about you
Didn’t even get a chance to talk to you
Felt so blessed just to see you
What would I do without you
Constant friendship
Crying on your shoulder
Your encouragement makes me bolder
Inspirationally you move me
Every morning you are my energy
Miss you

Missing just hanging out
When I see you, holding in my shout
It’s like I can relax and just be me
Don’t have to worry about envy
We just have this unique thing
I don’t worry about a thing
Don’t you ever change a thing
Love that you don’t want something from me
Your independent strength grooves me
Miss you

Missing just talking to you
Waiting for months to physically talk to you
And didn’t get a chance to speak with you
Cause my mom loves you too
Receiving the benefit of your honesty
Setting the tone for my day with just a ☀️
Thinking, wouldn’t even be writing this
If it wasn’t for you enduring life challenges
Thank you for being you
Miss you

Missing when I see you after long periods of time
Nothing better than your warming arms
Nothing more real than a real friend’s love
Separated, the curse of a 1000 Miles
Past decisions and circumstances
Yet I’m not confused you are my muse
Thoughts of you creating flow
Through these flows my spirit flow
Through that spiritual flow peace I know
Miss you