Before the dawn

Before the dawn
Light has yet to pierce the sky
Laying here waiting on the sunrise
Darkness consumed my thoughts
Couldn’t hide lonely thoughts
Hoping with all I got
Mutually you missing me

Before the dawn
Imagining I’m laying with you
In my mind trying to find you
Are you awake, can I FaceTime you
Is there a teleporter near you
Nothing else but to dream about you
The birds singing about you
Reminding me about you

Before the dawn
It is not pain, this is a new thing
Never missed you so much
Imagining what it felt like to touch
Thankful we had time to be together
Struggling, just waiting to see you
Social media fueling me
But I need you with me

Before the dawn
The birds song is gone
Echo of nothingness
Resounding in my emptiness
Time lapsing feeling your presence
Need the sun to rise
Light the pathway
Loving you, even virtually, today

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved