Do My Best


Believe In Me
Know that I will never give up
Know that I will do my best
I will forsake anything
That won’t allow me to do my thing
I am going to get through this
Every single bit of this

Believe In Me
Know that I am fighting every fight
And even when I need to pause
Know that it is just for a rest
I am going to do my best
Give this thing my everything
Don’t worry about a thing

Believe In Me
When I am hardest hit
When I am almost motionless
Some days will be better
While others, I’d like to forget
Do not ever give up on me
Maintain every single hope

Believe In Me
Even when you don’t believe in yourself
I just need to know
That at the very minimal of existence
I can count on your persistence
Your sheer will to be there for me
Always love me

Believe In Me
No matter what you hear
Ignore every study that you’ll read about
Know that I am in control of this
I am not going to give up on this
We all have our burdens to bear
I just need to know that you care

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