Peace Never ending pursuit Look up to the sky No obstacles No barriers Unlimited Opportunity Peace Peace Walk in the room Love in an embrace Warming fire place Satisfied desires Peace Peace Sanctuary of space Unowned last name Natural tongue Hands pocketed still live another day Equal chances Peace Peace Uncompromising Love Strengthened loving touch Embraced commitment Unyielding loyalty Unbridled support Peace Continue reading Peace

Why You?

Please read…. Being a Co-Survivor…My Commitment & Calling. Our Cancer Survivor & Co-survivor Story. Sometimes, I just get inspiration from other peoples’ walk in life…. I look at you surreally Unable to put into words Every emotion that is colliding I want to scream out But I know that isn’t what you need You need me to reflect calm and peace An unwavering belief But I am just stuck thinking Why you? I look at you in awe Because from the very first day You were my everything The one I looked up to You guided me reverently You are … Continue reading Why You?

If I Could Do It Again

If I could do it over again I’d do the same thing I just did Because the alternative Would just end this If I would have just ignored it I wouldn’t even be here Wouldn’t even complain About my lost hair If I could do it over again Every painful step I would take Because each step I took Someone saw me If they had a bit a fear I am hopeful it went away Just seeing me take that one step Perhaps I led the way If I could do it again I would pray the same prayers Talk … Continue reading If I Could Do It Again

She Got Her Wings

Struggling to understand How can you fight relentlessly one day And not be here the next Doing every single thing That every single doctor said to do Yet for some reason It didn’t help you I am hurting for your children Hoping somehow in some way Our entire community We will all be here To help them learn and grow Just imaging those key days you’ll miss That’s why these tears are upon me I watched you encourage me Witnessed you encourage others Social media has all of your evidence That you were a great soldier Plotting out a way … Continue reading She Got Her Wings

Nothing Left But Hope

Although I spoke to a lot of people I wasn’t expecting any of this Things that I took for granite Having energy to stay up all day Nothing left but Hope The doctors tell me I am doing well The reality is, feel like hell Every single thing removed from me Extracted and stole Nothing left but Hope What am I even suppose to do Wallowing and waiting For something new to come Awaiting a cure for this all Nothing left but Hope Sitting and thinking Thinking and Sitting Cannot help but wonder What am I actually missing Nothing left … Continue reading Nothing Left But Hope