Undesired Things


I do not know how to explain this
I know I have to do this
But every since this journey started
I’ve been feeling different
Something nagging at me
Showing me things
I never waited to see
Undesired things effecting me

Let me give it a try
Let every truth about me
The fear of the diagnosis
It got to me
Creating moments of doubt
That I dare not repeat
It took a bit of time
To figure out
This was never about me

This thing inside of me
That I can sorta feel from the outside of me
Nothing about it hurts a bit
And if I didn’t know better
I would just let it all go
Just ignore it if I could
If I didn’t already know
The way this will go
All it will do, is continue to grow

This was such a troubling time
From the start to finish
Nothing I actually desired
This didn’t fulfill not one dream
So proud of the hope within me
So glad I had someone to lean on
So glad this is coming to end
All those undesirable things
They’ll be distant memories

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