Dear God


Dear God,
Please do everything you can do for me
I am trying everything I can
Just to make you happy
I will never give up
Going to every single appointment
Eating every bit of the right food
Please forgive me
If I didn’t please you.

Dear God,
Thank you for another day
I know you are the only way
You are my anchor in the hardest place
You are my only saving grace
Please continue to guide me
In that straight way
Filled with your spirit
Focused on your destiny

Dear God,
If I can make it through this day
If I could just feel ok
If you could grant me one more chance
Please guide the surgeons hand
Please help this medication work effectively
Please protect my healed body
I am renewed in you
Doing it all for you

Dear God,
I just need one more day
I promise to come your way
Show everyone your mercy and grace
I haven’t forgotten your mercy and grace
Gratefully feeling your mercy and grace
If I could have but one thing left
With all that I have left
I’d praise you with my final breath

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