She Got Her Wings


Struggling to understand
How can you fight relentlessly one day
And not be here the next
Doing every single thing
That every single doctor said to do
Yet for some reason
It didn’t help you

I am hurting for your children
Hoping somehow in some way
Our entire community
We will all be here
To help them learn and grow
Just imaging those key days you’ll miss
That’s why these tears are upon me

I watched you encourage me
Witnessed you encourage others
Social media has all of your evidence
That you were a great soldier
Plotting out a way for all of us
You were that beacon of hope
Just never thought you would leave us

Struggling to digest
What is actually left
I want to believe in all the positive things
I want to know there is more
There has to be more than this pain
There must be a better place to sing
She got her wings

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