Why You?

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Being a Co-Survivor…My Commitment & Calling. Our Cancer Survivor & Co-survivor Story.

Sometimes, I just get inspiration from other peoples’ walk in life….

I look at you surreally
Unable to put into words
Every emotion that is colliding
I want to scream out
But I know that isn’t what you need
You need me to reflect calm and peace
An unwavering belief
But I am just stuck thinking
Why you?

I look at you in awe
Because from the very first day
You were my everything
The one I looked up to
You guided me reverently
You are my superhero
Everything I learned, it was from you
So I am sat here thinking
Why you?

I look at you with amazement
Yet I am listening to your tone
Hearing the pain in your voice
The acceptance of God’s grace
I already know and believe
There is nothing to fear
Because we are saved
Yet I cannot find the clue
Why you?

I look at you with pride
Because I know everything
Everything, you’ve been through
And I love you unconditionally
Regardless of what you do
You have been my biggest fan
Now let me celebrate you
I will be here no matter what
Why you?

I look at you with a tear
Watching you dance down that hall
Strutting everything you have
Ringing that victorious bell
Sounding every sound
That God will protect us all
You are my inspiration
You are my beacon of hope
I thank God for you!