Everyday a good morning
Only cause I say it to you
Have to admit
Got a crush on you
Love to check on you
Love the pic
I saw of you

Everyday that picture
It inspires me
Staring into your eyes
Like the high school me
This crush is real
Trying to make you see
I need you with me

Everyday you feel good
I feel good too
When you’re in pain
I feel that pain too
If you can’t figure out
I gotta crush on you
Do it all for you

Everyday I remember
That very first day
I can see the whole scene
It plays out so slowly
Seeing your face
And I just knew
I was on the chase

Everyday I think
What did I do
Time passing in a blink
Am I doing enough for you
If I had time back
What would I do for you
Make sure you knew
That I love you.