Half of Me

Half of a person
Since I sensed my conscience
That is the view of myself
Even through every blessing
Very sheltered upbringing
There is a hollow being
Knowing the origins of
Only one side of me

Half of myself
Over the years
Sporadically learning genetics
Understanding, even without interaction
Resembling a stranger’s actions
Left in a sea of doubt
Sorting manly feelings
Without evidence of those feelings

Half of me
Enjoyed every minute in isolation
Latch Keyed in
Just me and pets as friends
Rainy days the epitome of loneliness
Not a real person in sight
Now I seek solitude
Even if I need to be rude

Half of everything
The concept is equivalency
Hormones and chromosomes
Creating a new being
Conceptually perpetuating
Every good quality of individuals
With only one side
lived as if I already died

Half of it
Glad I had it
Every sacrifice she made for me
Every dollar she wasted on me
Every cry she comforted
Regardless of the love I had
Nothing can replace
Wanting a dad