Loving Love

Not sure when that feeling hit
Can’t remember how I got in this shit
That longing of the endless dreams
Chasing everything it seems
Anticipating that want of bliss
Right before the first kiss
From the stars above
Loving love

Immaterial though it maybe
I believe with everything that’s in me
Love is the purest purity of the darkest night
Love is that victory in a midst of plight
Selfishly it is a punishing reminder
Human tendencies can’t find her
The duality of pain and defeat
That void of feeling underneath
From the night above
Loving love

Yet infrequent openings of the heart
Lead forgetful minds to the same damning start
If only love were love without a love
Then maybe, loves pain we’d never hear of
But that loving love we seek,
It’s only promise is to make us weak
Somehow we forget who we are
Somewhere we lose what has brought us this far
If only. If we could.
If loving love were the cure