That Night Breeze

The night breeze
Speaking to me
And I’m feeling a different energy
Not the normal freakness it’s meekness
Something controlling every bit of me
Need to recover and get back to being me
But I can’t stop this weakness

That night breeze
Whispering to me
Telling me about this fantasy
From the roof of the high rise
Down to the white sandy beach
Suppose to be you and me

The night breeze
Singing to me
With every wave I feel pain strangling me
I cannot figure out what to do
When the sun is out it’s a love spree
But the moonlights my worst enemy
What is happening, this pain I’m going through

The night breeze
Opening my soul
Trying to fight it, need to console
Watching the moonlight
Wondering how it conquered my soul
Why aren’t we together, need that goal
Need something to make this alright

The night breeze
Providing love
Finally feeling like heaven above
Loving all of this, especially that soft kiss
Dreaming about everything I’m proud of
And I can feel your warm soft love
I’d do anything for you to keep this bliss