Midst of the grief
Fighting the belief
Everything has its place
So must this pain
In my face
Pulling at me
With every single breath
Waking with tears
My own dreams
Perpetuating fears

Deep into grief
Asking questions rhetorically
Only God can answer me
Knees bend in pain
Screaming to remain sane
Replaying each scene
Was it meant to be me
Not accepting this destiny
Fire keeps growing in me
Afraid to sleep

Alone in this grief
Every grief opening
Every single time
I felt this pain
Appreciating lessons
Some told remain old
Expecting something different
Hard to bear this
Praying for something
Not even sure what yet

Buried in grief
Flowing through me
Essence of everything
Innocence was fleeting
Unable to protect me
Envied each day dream
Thinking I’d be free
I changed locations
Escaped reality
But it never left me