Then & Now


I would hold onto everything

Analyze this until I paralyzed this

Seeking a conclusion

Before moving toward a solution

Endless internal debate

Stayed being late.


I let it all go

Let it flow right through me

I don’t even filter a thing

Let it all go through

Now I’m hearing

A new you


I was trying to prove something

Looking for a chance to do something

Eagerly pursuing titles

Climbing for a different caste

Constantly reminded of reality

Landed right on my ass


I move like the wind blows

Filling in where I needed

I’m never impeded

Riding out suggestions

As if they are manifestations

Relaxed in elevation


I had an expectation of others

Timely adhering to their word

Keeping commitments sincere

Holding onto everything I hold dear

Disappointingly responses from me

Toward someone not wanting to be me


I don’t know you nor need to

I stay focused on me

And everything that I choose to be

Believing in inevitably of serenity

Avoiding happy and sad moments

To remain peaceful in the moment