Screaming for attention
Asking if I desperately need it
Just believe I’m suppose to have it
Ain’t that what my life is after
Doing different things
At different times
Expecting one day
Everything will be fine

Screaming for perspective
Questioning why I cannot see it
As if I’m suppose to have it
Spinning on this circular plane
Slowly aging yet the world is the same
With each day I stay calling your name
Do you even remember mine
From the last time

Screaming for sanity
Wondering why people after me
As if I’m not suppose to be happy
Like every time I climb out
Someone pushing me back over
Hand extended for you to come closer
Together is the only way it will work
But you too busy with work

Screaming for love
Examining why things are like this
Opening the window
Enjoying how the wind blows
Fresh air won’t correct this feeling
Leaves moving so freely
Feeling trapped in repeatedly
Is this life for me