There is someone
That the sight of
Causes euphoria
Heart is pounding
Smiling uncontrollably
First time feeling continually
All is like it’s meant to be
This is not that destiny
Loving without being loved
Just wasn’t meant to be

There is someone
When they see you
Creates energy of caffeine
cannot understand their energy
Just walked in the door
They on 100 From the door
Generating all types of love
Excited for your excitement
That excitement ain’t mutual
So you Keep it moving casual

There is someone
That in their presence
Mutual satisfaction
Intertwined lovingly
Hating every departure
Pain of every sadness
Arrival creating every happiness
Making this eternal bond
The world doesn’t need me
Found my destiny

Someone you will love
Someone you love, won’t love you
Someone you love, will love you
How long do you wait?
Waiting until that mutual being
Comes onto the scene
How long will you look?
Looking round the world
Elevating the evolution
Love unfurled