Never understood anything you did

There are times I wanted to understand

The education that you gave

Conquering the body and emotion

With fierce devotion

Never heard a word of love

Just a Hey periodically

Never a call or even a visit

Just now

Trying to figure out what I was missing

Definitely remember

The few interactions

Weighed heavy enough

Never wanted to get any closer

Extremely comfortable with closure

Driving 80 miles per hour

Sharp curves

Gliding graciously

Because no point in driving

If you are doing it soberly

Fairly ambiguous about many things

There was so many times

That your name didn’t mean a thing

Just a joke of sorts

As the pipe was lit

All I really recall was that first hit

It didn’t sting, it burned, lash of that belt

Because of the effort you gave

Just another bit of abuse

From a man that knew me from the very beginning

Even when I knew

You were leaving the earth

There was nothing left to experience

Nothing new for us to review

Just heard about it in passing

Do not remember sheading a tear

Ashes stored in a closet, like trash on a shelf

Knowing that you would no longer be here

It was in that moment that I truly learned

The value of life on this earth