This New Day

Opening my eyes to this new day

Same ol dark ways

See life from a different view

Based on the things I been through

Was never taught

To worship Santa Clause

I was taught to be Chris Kringle

Be the Peace and the Joy

That everyone is into

Opening the curtains to this new day

Everything still in its own way

Beauty of every single thing

The greenness of life

The blooming flowers

Right in front of me

Humbled by every mercy

Even when I’m down on my knees

The spirit swells inside of me

Opening the door to this new day

Songs repetitively repeating for me

Warmth warming  me

Brightness shining for me

Invisible feeling passed by me

Hard to be egotistical

Hard to stay humble

When all this opportunity

Right in front of me

Realizing the realness of this new day

It never has to end

It’s meant to exist perpetually

Without hesitation

Counting down to the last

Aggressively pursuing

Each and every moment

Cause at any moment

It’ll be th…..