To me

Swear God be talking to me

Showing me little things

Seeing it in big ways

Every single opportunity

I know it’s all God’s way

Humbly I ask constantly

For more strength

When I know

There is nothing in me

And I become hesitant

Swear God be talking to me

Just in everything I do

Feeling outside energy

Straight through me

Gaining spiritual

Remnant of the beginning

First humans just being

Accepting every learning

As if I’m their meaning

And all those lives was for a meaning

Swear God be talking to me

Granting every dream

Before I even wish for it

Answer each prayer

As if I deserve any of it

Gratefully accepting it

I stopped asking why me

Learning to let God do for me

And I’m believing in

Every bit of God’s energy

Swear God be talking to me

Left foot, right foot

Keep walking steady

As long as I follow orders

I’ll have heaven for an eternity

Patiently walking circumstantially

Never doubting the path

Laid out right before me

Everything is left for me

Bowing to that God in me