Hey Crush

Hey crush

You just cannot feel it

The way I feel when you say it

Invigorating as if I could hear it

And I know that you meant it

Cause you that real shit

Never about them games

It’s always the same

Even when we disagree, I’ll still beg your name

Hey crush

How are you doing

Hoping for all of them dreams you pursuing

Believing in you from day one

From the beginning of time I’ve been your day one

Stay proud of you every moment

My heart hurts for you

Every time you have a moment

Know I’m always here for you

Hey crush

How can I express this

Even with your tired eyes

I always knew you was mine

Always knew if I needed you

You be there for me

Knowing that the bond will stand through time

It ain’t no effort to love you

Knowing with all my heart I can trust you

Hey crush

You got me on that shit

Breathing sighs of regret

Just looking at all your pics

Wondering what it would have been like

If I knew you from the dawn of time

Experiencing this whole life with you

It ain’t enough to hear that you love me

Peace only exist when I see that you love me