Foundation is cracked

Repairs have been attempted

But like any infrastructure

Built on the wrong premise

Only way to fix it is destroy it

The impossibility of resurrection

Is the only thing that kept me

From just hitting reset

If I could just start all over again

The things I’d do differently

Or not even start at all

If I had a conscience at that point

Avoid that egg

Give it my all

Foundation wasn’t nurtured

Many a craftsman

Observing the damage

Understanding the weeds

Strangling the fruit

Until it’s unraveled

Planted and nurtured

But would without question

That craftsman would turn and walk away

Thinking at least the garden is clean

Unknowingly creating another crack

Nothing changed really

Just lost a bit of confidence actually

Knowing that look that is given

No time to correct it, just accept it

Foundation had some blemishes

Like having a beautiful painting

That leaves no image

Everyone creating in their own mind

The true meaning of it

Seeing obsolescence easily

Yet walking away so freely

As if they weren’t the architect

Not theirs to repair

Just as easy to neglect

Motherhood is a feeling

Fatherhood is a choice

Was never chosen for so long

Lost my voice

Foundation weakened

Bridge stay ready to collapse

Indeterminate frequency

Sent crashing to my knees

Could be the smallest of things

Child’s poor performance in school

Major catastrophes

Even a car accident

And I am releasing everything

I can no longer hold it in

And the crumbling

The holes open wider

Slowly without cessation

Causing morally degradation

Foundation strengthened

Through periodic episodes

When peers see me at my worst

They elicit in me the best in me

Purple skies we discuss

Until the early hours

When the golden rays

They light the way

Remembering I got this far

Battered torn and all

Fault lines that have made some fall

Still here aiding in the mission

No time to wallow in regret

Head high to the finish