Pain And Me

Pain is eating me

Like it’s feeding me

Becoming my only source

Calling it my energy

Absorbing it

Like I am a part of it

I am what I am

Pain is what it is

We are my mom’s only kids

Been riding it out

Shout it out

In the midst of misery

It’s just pain and me

There ain’t nothing real

It’s just how I feel

Between paper lines

Writing out each thought of mine

Hoping with expectation

One day there’ll be a celebration

The real issue

So close to desperation

Mind and body

Total separation

Slowly and surely everything

That’s happening

It’s just pain and me

What does it mean

When you look to stars

Nothing to be seen

No inspiration to gleam

Can’t see past the hand in front of you

Can’t get past

The first two steps

All you can do is that 1-2, 1-2

Accepting that this life in me

Breeds every misery

Incubating something new

Reminding me about me

It’s just pain and me

How does it feel

When the sun has no appeal

The moon’s light ain’t never right

Deeply inhaling but

Never getting fresh air

Taste buds ain’t tasting

Smelling something stale

Skin feeling itchy and pale

Closing down internally

To every external stimulus

The greed in me longing for peace

Yet reality only sees me

It’s just pain and me