Confined in frustration

Institutionalized in speculation

Blinded justice

It’s not just us

Ingrained in the earth

Lost at birth

Intentionally marginalized

Don’t be surprised

Accepting the fact

Disarray is packed

Shocked to attacked

Frustrating circumstances

Void of chances

Rolling dice after dice

Avoiding random advice

Controlled by every vice

Digging into every chasm

Longing for every spasm

Anything to feel a feeling

Long past my last cause

Cause death seems appealing

I’ll never reach that glass ceiling

Circumventing regulation

Doing anything out of desperation

Grinding through exhilaration

Maintaining this station

Pretending every dream comes true

As if every prayer is for you

The dramatic scene is serene

Looking and looking, looking so mean

It’s the reality of what it seems

Knowing that you know

But what does it mean

Rejecting the endless fantasy

Avoiding life loans

Loving instead of dreaming

Doing over sleeping

Driving into the mystery

Seeking each void of humanity

Building an infinite memory

Ending each regret

Taking every bet

Leaving nothing to be desired

Fueling this fire