Good Morning

Saying good morning

Each and every morning

So you know

So you can feel

This love is surreal

When I wake up

You’re on my mind

Every single morning

That first thought

Is of you

Even in the middle of the day

Still feels like a good morning in a way

There is something new

This thing is refreshing

Thoughts of us reminiscing

Things we did

Love we shared

It’s everlasting experience love

Year after year

Sun is setting

Umbrella protecting us from the sun

Relaxing in summers warmth

That good morning feeling

Energy fueling me

What else could it be

Willingly accepting destiny

Something about this

I never want to miss

Nights sweet calm

Holding onto my arm

You are leaning so gently

That unique feeling sneaks in

It’s a good morning again

And I’m looking for that sense

Trying my best to find that pleasure

Everyday I’m learning

Loving you into the next good morning.