Just Writing

Just Writing

Putting words down

Nothing else works

Only way to get these words out

Let these feelings feel the air

Get these feelings out of my nonexistent hair

Getting word indigestion

Pepto Bismal ain’t working

Gotta make these words start working

If I keep them in any longer

Festering may make them stronger

Then my outward action

Would reflect my inward frustration

Just Writing

The endless feeling of WTF in my space

Needing peace.

Not in these streets.

In my soul

Got me feeling real real old.

Starting out I grew up spoiled

Far from rough and rugged

More like educationally stimulated

I never waited for anything I wanted in life

My attitude is Atomic for the rest of my life

Fuck 0-100. 

I’m at 100. 

Stay at 100. 

Live at 100

Why would I ever stop this flow

Just Writing

Ain’t no reason to regret where I go

Everything I do

Everything I see

Something new to learn

Something more I can be

I specifically focus on the better me

Trying to catch that dude

No matter where he may be

I’m not looking

I’m on the hunt. 

Stalking the future me…

Just Writing

I’m  hungry

I need more than what I was supposed to be

If I had more energy my body would levitate

Don’t need to live forever

I need to be forever

I meed my children’s kids’ great great Grand children

To hear my voice at critical points in their life

Need them to know

I’ll never know them

But I’ll love them with my whole life

The pain and tragedy of my current life

More like seeds being planted

More like the deep darkness of the earth’s riches. 

Just Writing

Struggling to breathe

But surrounded by nutrients that build me up

Absorbing all these different things

Just to make me appear tough

If you think talking to me about big shit

That will somehow make me

Stop working on my own shit

You couldn’t influence me with trillions in riches

I’m not him.

The soul I have is not for sale 

You can’t burn me with them bum bitches.

I’m only loyal to what I know is real.

Just Writing

Either you here for me. 

Or you not. 

Ain’t no in-between. 

Ain’t no. 

Maybe later. 

Ain’t nothing else besides we rocking till the last breath.

If those ain’t your words.

I don’t fuck with you.

Just Writing 

Nothing new going on in my head. 

Just getting out this old shit

Can’t take it with me when I’m dead.  

There is something for real

About that glass being half full. 

You can only get about one half more

Before you are really full. 

So I’m going for empty

Dumping it all out

On steps and i’m a slinky. 

Dumping it all out

Whether you are with me

And even if you are against me

All this potential energy

It stays fucking up my  synergy

So today converting it kinetically

Into something that has longevity.

Talking but I ain’t talking about shit. 

Just purging out last year so this year will fit.

Just Writing

I’m on some delete all that bullshit.

SELECT * and deleted that shit. 

That recycle bin just wants me

To keep hold of the old me

Trying to convince me

That the old can become new 

But I’m telling you

What matters can be destroyed

And something new is created

Every single time I make some noise

A new opportunity can materialize

But I don’t get hypnotized. 

It’s just one of the many things that I do really really well. 

If you cannot tell I can even write well.  

Just Writing

Wake up wondering

Wondering around waiting

Looking in the past with my hourglass

Counting each drop of sand in my hand

Remembering each grain

In the sand of time

Now it’s my time

The right time

Creating sands of time

No need to flip it over

I’ve got more coming

I make my own sand

Even while I’m wasting

That last bit of sand

From the sand man.