Been Asking

Been asking God for you

Never knew it was you

Didn’t know I already knew you

Everything I needed

Right in front of me

It was all in you

Been asking for this

Someone to share every detail with

Without grades or judgement

Spiritually recognized

Holding on for dear life

Realizing the anointed life

Been asking God for you

Someone that cares

For what I’m going through

So long been alone for so long

Didn’t realize when I was with you

You were the one to confide to

Been asking for this

This ain’t even physical

Feeling your words, it’s emotional

Finding the next step is challenging

Digging into ever crate I can find

Can’t keep you off my mind

Been asking God for you

And I’m so thankful

That God already has you

Already breathing in you

Cause my mind would be different

If your calling wasn’t heaven sent