I Know That

I know that I know you

This cannot be the first time

Like our souls, our souls

They’ve always been intertwined

Your presence creates euphoria

And I need more of ya

Whatever happened last lifetime

Has nothing to do with this time

And now that I found you again

You will always be mine.

I know that I know you

There is nothing strange between us

So we can talk like there’s no space between us

As we reflecting on each other’s energy

All around us nothing but envy

And they wondering

How long we known each other

How long we been together

But we are beyond the concept of time

Our mental interwoven as if we are time

I know that I know you

Close your eyes so your soul can see mine

So we can communicate on a different realm

Please don’t feel overwhelmed

It’s just that cosmic energy

That euphoric energy

That constantly magnetizes my soul to yours

If nothing else please believe I am yours

And only collectively can we achieve serenity

Ignoring everything that dissipates our energy

I know that I know you

Generationally negativity pulls us apart

Everlastingly our love restarts

And somehow I am drawn to you

Even if I never know your name

I know that I know you

And I can feed off your every thought

Randomly conceiving of weird innuendos

And I’m all in cause I had the same thought

No matter what, keeping everything about you