If Only….

If only we were strong enough

As a collective

Not to view professional sports

As the golden ticket

To somehow believe

We are more than our physicality

We could literally create

More than we have already invented

We could absolutely lead

Further than we ever have managed

If only we saw the Negro League

As a point of strength

Not a means to an end

Although we were winning

We claimed it as a failure

As those that are unlike us

Didn’t accept our win

And I just don’t know when

When we will see ourselves

As the victories that we are

Surpassing mediocrity

Elevating from slavery

Yet, are we free?

If only we could see the beauty

Seeing females as if they are princesses and queens

Seeing men as if they are princes and kings

Creating a new narrative

Where celebrating the first

To do something

In someone else’s culture

Is no longer seen as a monumental thing

Where our boundaries and breakthroughs

Are only self defined

Where I don’t need to prove shit to no one

That could care less about me

And I don’t need to trumpet

That I am as good as someone else

I can literally just be myself

If only we could plant new seeds

Nurtured with a new energy

No longer naming this new being

Based on old things

If slavery was such a bad thing

Why do we hold onto to any of it?

The names, the celebrations

Or even the religions

That were only allowed

To ensure we remained a human plow

It wasn’t the relinquishing

Of prison gates that granted freedom

We were simply told we were allowed to go

Up until that point we mentally

Weren’t allowed to go

And still to this day

That very minimal energy

Never balanced the scales

So it’s surprising me

When people say they are free

If only we knew the cost of freedom

Do we give our life?

So that the next life will be free

Do we sacrifice our culture?

Creating it into an economy

So that the next generation

Will have less pressure to fit in

Do we call out the ignorance?

And beg for people

To look at us different

Do we take up arms?

And beg for people

To treat us different

Do we realize

That we aren’t even the root of the issue

Do we continue to ignore

The issues rooted in the formation of this place

It is not anything we can do or not do

There is this every present belief

That the revolt that never happened

Against those of European descent

Will one day happen

Against those of European descent

I have to just tell you

No one wants it to happen

Except those of European descent

If only everyone loved unconditionally…