You Set My

You set my priorities

With just a desire

Planted in me

Unquenchable fire

Fueling it intensely

As if nothing else matters

As if I don’t have work to do

As if I don’t need to eat

As if I don’t need to sleep

It’s just to please you

Even if it only brings you

A single smile a day

I’d do it every day

You set my path

There is this deep longing

Filling this deep need

To remain connected

Mutual belonging

To a common thread

Interwoven into strength

Able to outlast the strongest steel

Only break is the exhale

Then back at it

Like I hit the bricks

Never going back

It’s all for this

You set my emotion

Equally responsive

Sensitive to each fluctuation

Bonded into subtle manipulation

Flexing repeatedly

Into a serene divinity

Happy and ecstatic

Sad and mad

Comfortable and relaxed

Amplifying everything you feel

It’s as if it is my own

As if you are home

So glad to be home