Sigh For A Smile

Sigh for a smile

Remembering when I

Would sigh out of frustration

As an emotional release

Opening the valve

Releasing it all

Emptying my cup

Vulnerabilities and all

Sigh for a smile

Recognizing every trouble

Each and every trial I’ve been through

The tribulations that weakened me

Somehow ended up

Strengthened me

Lavishing in all of it

Because I am all of it

Sigh for a smile

Remembering the many days

When I thought

There was no other way

Holding onto the past

Cause the present

Wasn’t what I planned

Now I see the real plan

Sigh for a smile

when I lay my head

Down to sleep

Everything I am

Is what you expected of me

Never relinquish peace

Or serenity

That alignment to destiny

Sigh for a smile

Shaking my head

In the amount of disbelief

Remembering those that fell

Acknowledging those enslaved

Calling out to the lost

And it’s just by chance

I am not the same