Saying Things

Saying things that I do not mean

Cause I’m just tryna be mean

Speaking out relentlessly

If nothing else, helps me to be seen

Saying things just to say it

It’s the easiest way to get out of it

Talking endlessly about nothingness

Reflection of each part of my pettiness

Saying things out of frustration

Thinking about it causing hesitation

Not saying what’s really real

Just saying how I think I feel

Saying things in the moment

Hoping please pardons my movements

Knowing that things are suspicious

Remaining just as ambitious

Saying things so randomly

Almost got me caught cir·cum·spec·tive·ly

The impossibility evolved effortlessly

Recognizing life changes constantly

Saying things out of place

Lost in time and space

Thought way too deeply about this life

Accepting I’m not really about this life