Entered into a different state of mind

What if your words were true

And life would be worse

Knowing and loving you

And everything

And everybody

That I hold close to me

Wouldn’t even know me

Desperately grasping

At every possible timeline

Not sure which one is mine


Gladly provide forgiveness

Speak though all the treachery

The reality knows me differently

Holding onto emptiness

Fostering hateful thoughts

Just to unleash them willingly

To any hateful human being

Transposing everything about you

Literally to them

There will be no remorse

Not even hesitation of thought


Provide you control

It was amplified

By every single being

Promising beliefs I needed

Gullible the first time

Open minded to a cure

I know your name

But I will never say it

My seeds will never know you

Not having you abandoned them

Like I know you would do


Persevering every opportunity

End the cycle of a father leaving

The men in my paternal lineage

Just did it so routinely

Dropping seeds quickly

Stay around long enough

Just in time to germinate

Never see the fruit of the labor

Never know if I’m really of you

I don’t even know you