Spoke Life Into Me

Everyday is not a blessing

Waking up to unwanted emotions

Seeing the darkness in the bluest sky

Holding onto this image of peace

Even things not within my control

Still allowed to weigh on me

Self reflecting into a solemn belief

I must press on

Because ya’ll spoke life into me

Everyday I see a new flaw

Am I supposed to fix everything I see

And if I keep giving others everything

When I settle down for the night

I realize I have not a single thing

Just the opportunity to do it all again

Asking for strength in every stead

But I must press on into destiny

Because ya’ll spoke life into me

Everyday does not solicit joy

Viewing the world differently

Noticing the sacrifices of everyone individually

Yet no one wants to work collectively

Then there are moments of elation

When a group of individuals come together

Set out on one mission

Inadvertently seizing another opportunity

Because ya’ll spoke life into me

Everyday has success and disaster

It’s nothing serious

Just the existence of human existence

Some days those days weigh heavier than most

The challenge of challenging circumstances

Faced with things I didn’t even sign up for

There is not subtle way to say this

Every single word, was an irreplaceable gift

Because y’all spoke life into me