When Pens Speak

I lost you

I mean I lost me

What I am trying to say

Is there are times

When I can barely speak

When the world is yelling

There are people demanding

My only respite

When Pens Speak

When Pens Speak

No thought is hidden

Emptying my mind

Every drop of ink sublime

Even when I artificial create beauty

And I am left typing

Every word holding onto me

Loosen me to be at peace

It’s like I lose track of time

Because there is something I cannot describe

But if you let me just try

I am holding this plastic cylinder

Just one thumb pressing down

And I am immediately transcended

And now I am trying to articulate words

Some that I barely know

But it helps with the flow

When Pens Speak

When Pens Speak

Its always an easy evening

Even if I am out of every bit of energy

The alarm doesn’t need to call upon me

It is that law of attraction that brings me in

I know my pen is not enough

I become a fiend for that energy

To hear those words that can only be spoken

Reading it would not do it justice

When Pens Speak