Love Matters

Love matters

On my selfish shit

Saying insensitive things

Telling me about your day

I’m telling you how it impacts me

Hear you getting frustrated

I cannot understand

Now you all silent

Give me another chance

Let me listen to what you have to say

Texting you, constantly, no response

Calling you, voicemail, don’t hear a thing

See you’re online, your status got that green thing

It’s been like 24 hours since we talked

First time it’s been so long

Since we first met

Not sure what to do next

Hoping in the car need to find you

Need to figure out what’s going on

You responding like this is the finale

Those words entered me

Constricted my heart

So much pain… hating myself intensely

Love matters

Days and days feel like that past me

But you told me

You needed silence

I could barely speak

Words lost in this mood

Couldn’t work

Couldn’t move

Then out of nowhere

Got that text

You still mad at me

Feeling some type of way

But you still accepted

My love is here to stay

I am here

Right here for you

Don’t you know

Whether it’s a second

Or a lifetime

I love you

Love matters