Peace God

Peace God

I’m not trying to interrupt

Just sharing some insight

Hopefully we can reconcile

Grant me just a while

If we both get this right

They’ll be less for us to disrupt

Reconciliation of God

Peace God

We are not the true enemy

This was all contrived intentionally

If you could spare me a minute

I can share why we are even in it

As long as we battle relentlessly

We can never be free

Understanding of God

Peace God

Slurs and innuendos aren’t the way

We were created purposely

Without any fear or disarray

But we’ve lost our way

It was really done subtly

We couldn’t keep the intruders at bay

Salvation of God

Peace God

They don’t deserve what you are saying

Surely they don’t warrant your reactions

I absolutely understand your perspective

But mirroring what we see is counterproductive

What we need is better actions

Laying proof without a shred of blaming

Mercy of God

Peace God

Let me approach you head on

I don’t need you imaging something is wrong

I embrace you because I love you

Not Every person is out to get you

We both tired of the same song

This is the beginning of a new dawn

Vengeance of God