Waiting on the steps

From the dawn of light

Anticipating the excitement

From last night

Plans was made

Times agreed

Made sure I was washed up

Eat up

Ready for anything

Dawn turned to day

Way before pagers and cell phones

Ringing the house

No one was home

Patiently waiting

Mom tryna convince me

It’s better to wait inside

So afraid to miss my ride

Just counted the cars go by

Day turned to evening

Friends coming back

Full day of sweating and playing

Asking if I’ll go for round 2

Nah, I said I was waiting for you

Continued to wait

Excitement in me

Every-time I saw

Car lights slow down momentarily

Evening gave way to night

Crickets starting

Lighting bugs now visible

Steps my anchor

Misery my crucible

Mom says you just called

That you apologize

You’ll make it up

First time I no longer gave a fuck

Night turned into a new day

Kept tryna to think

What did I do

Why didn’t you come get me

I was good all week

Got all my work done

You promised to be there

I didn’t know lying was acceptable

Maybe I was just gullible

New day turned into New Years

Same little promise

But now I know

As plain as I can see

Your words and actions

don’t mean the same thing

We was never the same

Always saw you differently

Never again wanted that pain