The Night

The night is my worst enemy,

with its shadows of mystery

trying to get me. 

The darkness knows all that I am,

seeing me strong and weak,

always in constant watch

tempting me

with that wicked energy. 

The night is the only way to the sun. 

Yet hides the way

for patience sake,

nothing more could be done. 

Waiting to wait. 


the suns rays,

hoping light

will show a new way

away from this dark retreat.

The night and me

have nothing but contempt.

We know each other’s moves,

yet we never go further

than distant associates.  

A head nod is all that’s exchanged,

as night hints it’s time

for you to get out the way.

The night stills the world. 

To rest. 

To become new. 

The night moves suns shadows and focus

causing me to lose focus. 

The night

The tranquility of the unseen,

nothing is visible in its serene.