Mind, Body & Soul

Mind, Body & Soul

Waking up suddenly. Blindly feeling around the bed.  The surprise of not feeling her forced me to open my eyes as the sound of crashing waves was echoing.  Opening my eyes wide enough to see her standing on the balcony leaning on the railing.  She stood motionless facing the east, awaiting the morning sun.

Slowly remembering the night before.  The flight delays at both airports was mentally draining.   When we arrived at the hotel, there was no energy to do anything as the night had settled on the all-inclusive resort.  The room service that we ordered last night still sat covered.  The bottled champagne unable to feel the chill of the long ago melted ice. Sleep was our only remedy.  Plotting to start fresh in the morning and enjoy this extended weekend escape. 

Suppressing my id from spoiling this moment for her.  Desperately I wanted to approach her from behind and completely embrace that beautiful honey.   Thankfully thoughts of previous conversations reminded me that this is what she was seeking.  Not necessarily a single moment with me, but that peace of the sun rising above the horizon while the water continued to wave peace in her direction.   It was not my place to disturb that happiness she was desperately seeking. 

“Hey sleepy head,” Tiffany said.

“I’m not sleep,” I replied with grogginess, “what time is it?”

“It’s like 10 something, I have been out and back already.” she said to prove her point.

“Damn, my fault I must have been tired,” I conceded. 

“I know, that’s why I let you sleep,” she acknowledged, “breakfast will be here soon.

“How soon?,” I looked at her with deceit in my eyes.

“Really soon!” She said laughingly. 

The beauty of Tiffany wasn’t in her honey brown skin. Nor that she never aged.  Even though her body remained stunning regardless of time, it has her spirit that made her exceptional.   There was never a worry within her proximity.   Although she was an IT Tech by trade, there was something more to her than solving companies complex network issues.  It was as if, her purpose in life was to solve obstacles for others. 

The more time with her, the more I realized how much her own way of life was draining her.  Tiffany never minded helping anyone she loved. But she also had a breaking point, where she almost expected to help someone to get on their feet and stay there.  She had enough experiences to know that she was not their lord and savior, but a true friend instead. 

The sugar powered French toast, scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage did arrive quickly as Tiffany suggested.  I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t start something I couldn’t finish.  We were both starving.  Although, she went out for a walk, she didn’t even eat.  Tiffany shared she was waiting for me.  It was one of those moments that I held onto.  She would make the most simplistic sacrifices that contained more meaning than the actual event.  Tiffany was what I desired more than anything. 

“Thank you Tiff,” I broke the silence.

“I didn’t do anything but order food,” she declined the appreciation.

“You’ve done a lot for me,” I countered, “just being a listening ear. Just being here.”

“It’s cool.  We friends right,” she confirmed.

Our friendship was forged from each of our past relationships.  We knew each other for years as acquaintances, periodically seeing each other at IT events.  Unfortunately our destiny changed at the Tech 100 Fair.  This annual event was the epitome showcase of technology.  The organizers chose the top 100 global technologies to watch over the next five years.  It was a thrilling event going booth to booth experimenting with technologies that few people even knew about.  This invitation only event also meant the attendees could influence the future investments of theses same technologies.  The excitement I should have experienced at my first event was lacking.

Noticing in my eyes the pain she saw in her own.   She kindly escorted me from the main floor. We walked in silence until we were on the walking path adjacent to the hotel.  The only sounds were from the valets shouting orders at each other to park and retrieve cars and her heels.  The red bottom shoes that would have been protected by the flooring in the hotel, were being desecrated as we arrived at a near by bench.

“Listen. I know we don’t always stay in contact, but I still consider you a friend.  And I know something is wrong,” she introduced the conversation.

“I feel so stuck,” I blurted holding in the tears of another failed attempt at marriage.

“What happened?” She said reaching for my hand covering my face.

“I just cannot do this marriage shit anymore.  It’s such a fucking waste. I am obviously not marriage material.” I added. 

“O.K. but what actually happened?” she continued her pursuit. 

We both missed the entire morning session of the most important day in technology I have ever had.  Not only were there new technologies to learn, there were new opportunities and networks to foster.  People didn’t usually leave the conference without at least a few job offers.   It was an event for the top 100 technologies and the top 100 up and coming technologist.  But that first morning, at least two booths were continually unvisited throughout the first session. 

Tiffany didn’t give me a solution the entire time.  I truly felt like I was sitting on someone’s couch, but it was what I needed at the time.  Her soft tone and gentle beauty never gave me the perception that I was being peppered with questions the entire time.   She pushed until I had my own awakening.  I was, in fact, still in charge of my own destiny. And I needed to act accordingly.

Although I was expecting we would continue over dinner, she departed for home that day as the event was in her home town this year.  We didn’t reconnect anymore at this event in particular. From that point on I would make it a point to let her know when I was planning to arrive in town.  We formed a tradition of having a casual professional lunch together.  Nothing I had to worry about explaining as I was traveling for work, and work paid for each meal.  Each interaction left a lingering feeling of a budding connection that I would hold dearly.  

The interactions over the years were always timely.  As if the universe returned us to where we needed to be. Ironically we were not directly working on improving our own bond.   Lavishing in sage advice from each other.  We found a way to improve ourselves without completely being in each other’s life. Although we constantly discussed family, everything we experienced was distinct and separated from our actual reality. The pleasure we exuded was more on a spiritual realm as we would leave each other’s presence fulfilled.

Mentally our conversations were challenging.  Early on I noticed her physical indicators when she observed me lying. Every word needed to be with truth and thought.  Anything less would lower our bond.  There were years between speaking to her openly and being open to her mentally.  Tiffany was what I would have prayed for from any woman in my life.  The consummate supporter that elevated me, not because of what I was doing, because she could sense what I needed in the moment to achieve my potential.

“What are you thinking about,” Tiffany said after I placed the breakfast trays outside the door.  She was walking toward the balcony again when I stopped her.  Finally I had that embrace that I was plotting to secure.  I didn’t remember getting undressed when we arrived last night, but I was hoping she was naked beneath her robe as I was with my own.   Eventually as our bodies settled I could feel her heart beating as her head leaned against me.

The kiss.  That first kiss. Was passionately arousing.  The culmination of every open opportunity we had to learn about each other mentally and spiritually.  This was a euphoric experience, and we were just beginning as I untied her rob to feel her natural body.  There was just a t-shirt and panties separating our skin from connecting. 

“Come watch the waves with me,” she abruptly interjected.  Hard headed I was lusting for more in the moment, and reluctantly followed her provocative direction.  The sun was fully visible in the fall sky.  The natural warmth of the region was enough to comfort our still robe covered bodies.  Tiffany offered me the lounge chair facing the waves.  She then straddled me instantly as she slowly slid completely down my erection. 

Locked into each other’s eyes we reached a rare point in our relationship to date.  There were no words catapulting our bond.   W never even explored this moment of intimacy, so I didn’t want to assume it would happen.  Yet I was engulfed inside of Tiffany as she maintain that subtle rhythm of loving motion.  I was just there for the ride, literally.   Completely ignoring anything anyone else could see. Nothing else mattered except this exact feeling.  Periodically I could feel her squeezing as she rose to the tip of my head and literally come all the way down to my pelvic bone. 

The excitement forced me to finish before she did. Instantly I lifted her off of me and placed her on the chair.  Propping open her legs to fail on both sides of the lounge.  Slowly I licked up her right inner thigh while caressing the left.  Timing my tongue to reach her clit as my fingers entered her body.  Flickering her clit in time with each inner movement.  I could feel her most sensitive region and found her rhythm.   Climaxing into a separation of physicality, she arrived excitedly. Reaching her physically, we were finally connected mind, body and soul.