You Were Mine

Awaiting the time and the moment

When I see you

Will you see me differently

Was this all in my own imagination

The resistance is strangling me

Could my imagination be that powerful?

Does it have me believing in fantasy?

Did I have create this entirely by myself?

How do I unravel what I created

Because if it isn’t real

Eventually I’ll be devastated

Thinking through the phases

Increased comfort and comfortability

Never even considered it was reality

Engaged you constantly periodically

But if I think back

I am not sure where you are

Because whenever I feel incomplete

I turn around and you’re with me

The amazing part is that energy

That ability to transfer it to me

Grateful for an eternity

Believing with every bit of faith

God does not make mistakes

This path was already ordained

There is something about the pain

It created that rain

Nurturing something never seen

This beautiful reckoning

Without a single doubt

Focused sincerely on sharing each feeling

There is no time to waste again

This is the time to let it all out

Praying in this undying belief

God will always provide what is needed

Remaining in the greatest of gratitude

Accepting all that it is

For as long as it will last

Promising to return it all equally

Available to receive and give love equally

There is no reason to worry about anything

What will happen will happen eventually

Thanking God ahead of time

For a moment you were mine