Say My Name

Asking you all these questions

Not enough time for every answer

Caught in the commercials

Everything must be sensationalized

It is the only way for it to have real meaning

Add something sweet to it

Spice it up with some honey

Tasting all of that purity

Just say my name….

Ignoring obvious situations

Looking around with nothing to see

Unable to expect any reality

Because living this fantasy

This is all that maters to me

Without this fictional tale

What could I say appropriately

Maybe I should touch you softly

Just say my name….

Expecting the past to last

No need to take a single step forward

There is no need to waste a single step

No need to waste idle words

Lost in beliefs that could move mountains

Prevented from inevitable pain

Without notice you change as the wind

But before you leave the scene

Just say my name….


It’s hard to tell what’s original

There are so many emotions flowing

But the presence doesn’t match

We this, but we act like that

The words are said casually

These are hard facts

Need you at that point

Just say my name please…