What Does It Even Mean?

What does it even mean?

Is it really just a casual thing

Friends just enjoying company

Is that all it really is?

I mean if our hands bump accidently

And Somehow start to intertwine

Are you going to pull your hand away

Maintaining boundaries consistently

You looking surprised

You saying we just friends right

I’m looking embarrassed

I’m saying yeah, you right….

What do I do?

When I feel different about you

It is not clear to me

How can I be your friend

And manage these feelings

Openly providing unbiased advice

But I am biased as hell

A clear conflict of interest

Holding in what I need to say

Because it is more important to me

That you hear the comfort you need

So I calm down my every greed….

Shaking my head in disbelief

Another missed opportunity

The day is not yet complete

Already accepting the silent words

Things better left not said

Better to pretend in this reality

Because if you knew the truth

In its full totality

It would set you free

Nothing would ever be said again

Worst of all

We wouldn’t even be friends….

If Love is truly love

Nothing needs to be said

The feelings pass through the ether

Growing with new energy

Expanding constantly

Can’t you already see it

Increased communications

Not just casual check-ins

I’m talking proper Good Mornings

If you could see the smile I giving

There is no way you could doubt this

It will be something or nothing

Mos Def was all I needed to hear