Knowing you are leaving

Never even saw you

Not sure if I should be jealous or relived

This was never our spot to begin with

From the very beginning

Something about this place is relentless

Why can’t I do this?

Put everything together properly

It’s like… It’s like…

I cannot even breathe 

Not sure what to do

I just know

That I’m feeling you….

Knowing a day is only a day away

If I were more patient

Maybe I could do this different

But I am selfish as shit

Wanting time that is not mine

You belong to so many

And the simple fact is

I have no titles at all

That says that you are mine

Flowing through the emotion

All of these feelings are true

Expecting you to know

That I’m missing you….

Knowing the universe will align

And I don’t need to share you

Just wait for my own time

I have decades with you

No one knows me

Not the way that you do

There is nothing that cannot be said

There is no history that is hidden

Everything comes to light

With the morning night

The sunshine breaking through

Nothing is better than this faith

That I’m existing with you….

Knowing, because I can see it

This belief stays with me

And I have this vision

Of you waking up next to me

Happy that I’m with you

Curtains left wide open

But everything is certain

Walking out to the balcony

The ocean is roaring

Peace is materializing

Although we have separate lives

Nothing is lost

That I’m loving you