Reflecting on different circumstances differently

Removed from all visibility

Reigning over everything

Remembering each phone ring

Righteously believing in this way

Relying on an unbreakable connection

Reading between every line

Rehashing lost times

Raising a prayer

Reconfirming you are here….

Absent from each situation

Aware of all of my limitations

Able to feel your energy

Always existing patiently

Available at a moments notice

Analyzing each text message

Absorbing every misconceived thought

Allowing every bit of love to flow

Anticipating every joyful feeling

Aspiring to that long lasting embrace….

Wandering how long it will be

Wanting every bit of love now

Wearing each emotion openly

Withholding all this pain for so long

Withstanding unlimited ridicule

Weakened through time

Writing this out openly

Willing to accept what it is

Worry you will not pick me

Wishing there is no one but me